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Think Outside The Box

Does a Mattress in a Box Really Make Sense?

To The Seller .. YES

It's easy.
Get someone to make it and someone to ship it.

But What About You?

Take a couple of minutes to compare. After all, it's your money and you want to sleep well.

The Price The fact is the online 'in a box' prices are too high. We sell for less every day.

Getting It We deliver free right to room, days, evenings and weekends. We unpack the mattress and remove the wrapper. We'll even remove your old bed, and it's all free. See 'Delivery'

Stress Let's face it, rolling up a mattress puts a lot of stress on the foam and coils which can't be good over time.

Service You can contact us immediately. 7 days a week, no shipping, no hassle. You get fast, personalized customer care.

Enjoy • 130 Night Comfort Trial • Lowest Price Guarantee • Customer Satisfaction

Compare .. Queen Mattress Price

Both Mattresses Are

  • Motion Free
  • 3 Layer Foam 10"
  • Certipur
  • Low Emission
  • Good Mid Range Quality
  • Made in Canada
  • 10 Year Warranty
  Endy Gemini
Selling $850 $795
Less Promo $100 $100
Net $750 $695
Add HST $97.50 $90.35
Total $857.50 $785.35

Our Price Is $72.15 Less! Plus ... Enjoy Personalized Customer Care.